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Cleaning Homes for the Rich and Famous in Scottsdale, Arizona By Rick Smith
Cleaning Homes for the Rich and Famous in Scottsdale,Arizona
By Rick Smith

Cleaning Homes for the Rich and Famous in Scottsdale, Arizona is about serving people and making friends and memories in the process. It’s about how a wife and husband succeeded together cleaning homes in the Valley of the Sun.

Who Says It’s Too Hard Kimberly Waters
Who Says It’s Too Hard?
By Kimberly Waters

Miss Olive Owl discovers all her little animal friends are finding their tasks too difficult to get done. Bear Cub is hungry but he can't find any grub.Will Kit the Fox ever run fast enough to catch a rabbit?

Unraveled Heart A Grief and Loss Handbook Rachel Bliss
Unraveled Heart: A Grief and Loss Handbook
By Rachel Bliss

Grief and loss is a huge challenge for many kids, and they often are unable to express the feelings they're experiencing. This handbook is for anyone seeking to more effectively engage elementary-aged youth with grief and loss.

Until You Get There An Empowerment Guide Kelvin Lambert
Until You Get There
(An Empowerment Guide)
By Kelvin Lambert

The book is a motivational and informational tool for fulfilling your destiny. This is a step-by-step guide to help everyone in any walk of life achieve their goals and dreams.

Simple or Not Kitchen - The Cookbook Melissa St. Aude
Simple or Not Kitchen - The Cookbook
By Melissa St. Aude

Simple or Not Kitchen: The Cookbook is a collection of recipes and articles printed with permission from The Casa Grande Dispatch newspaper, pinalcentral.com. Simple or Not Kitchen is a video and news article series that focuses on reviewing recipes.

Chez TJ California's first Michelin Star restaurants Melissa St. Aude
Chez TJ The story of one of California's first Michelin Star restaurants By Melissa St. Aude

From the day it opened, Chez TJ was destined for greatness. With business partners George Aviet and Chef Thomas McCombie at the helm, Chez TJ was a sensation from the moment its doors opened in Mountain View, California.

Oh To Be Kept By Jesus Jo Ann Bowler
Oh To Be Kept By Jesus
By Jo Ann Bowler

Jo Ann Greene Bowler is a 74-year member of the Tabitha Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK where her Pastor is Rev. J. L. Mitchell. Jo Ann has served in the Music Ministry (piano, organ, choir director, church musician) for 71 years.

The Difference of a Victory Ride Edmond Blackburn
The Difference of a Victory Ride
By Edmond Blackburn

Within the cover of this book, you will find Ed Blackburn a veteran, husband, father, grandfather, believer, pastor, motorcyclist, volunteer, and survivor. Ed lettered in choir in high school and enlisted into the Air Force while in his senior year.

Forest Fable Richard S Chapman
Forest Fable By Richard S Chapman

An amazing trip to the mountains for a picnic. What follows is a fun adventure for a wide variety of forest creatures with a wonderful message. Richard S Chapman was a loving son, big brother, hero dad and lifelong friend. His seven children grew up listening to his adventures and poems.

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