What We Do

At Amazonlistinghub, we facilitate all types of Amazon businesses with an extensive array of growth-oriented services for them to turn from zero to hero. Our competitively priced services have helped several businesses from all across the globe to undergo the transition from earning just a few hundred-dollar revenues to becoming multimillion-dollar setups. Our umbrella of premium services covers the following Amazon areas:

Amazon Marketing

Our premium Amazon marketing services have got us counted on by hundreds of Amazon sellers at this exact moment. We entail a range of marketing areas for Amazon businesses to be benefitted from, including social media marketing, search engine optimizations, listing optimizations, and PPC campaigns. We also help with consultations and auditing for brands to have a more secure seller status and enhanced revenue generation in the Amazon marketplace. We also manage Amazon accounts and stores on sellers’ behalf.


Product Listing Optimization

For shoppers and the Amazon algorithm, we monitor, update, and distribute high-quality listings. Our experts concentrate on evaluating your listing and looking for any strategic flaws. Then we fix your Amazon listing so that it can be a valuable search result for potential customers. We also know how challenging it might be to keep up with Amazon's ever-changing algorithm. Today's best practices for photos and keywords may not be as effective as they were yesterday. That’s why we practice adaptable listing strategies from time to time tailored to your case.


Book Publishing

We help publish high-quality books in all genres, so if you're looking to publish a book, you've come to the correct place. We offer all of the services necessary to assist you in publishing your books.

The following are book publishing services we are providing:

  • Copy Editing
  • Ebooks and Apps
  • Proofreading
  • Printing & binding

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Book Marketing

Our book marketing services help your book fall into the category of best-seller. Our marketing efforts are done to create a fear-of-missing-out among people at the thought of not purchasing your book. We simply throw highly convincing hooks at your audience tricky enough to compel them to buy your book eventually.

PPC Management

One of the most important aspects of a good listing is Amazon PPC advertising. Our PPC experts help you enhance your store’s visibility and scale your Amazon business. We win you ad auctions, do adequate advertising management, and do not let your money go waste. Our well-managed campaigns backed by a full-fledged plan ensure great ROIs by increasing sales on Amazon while keeping expenses down.

Amazon Keyword Research

Our keyword research masters look for all relevant keywords for a product to meet winning Amazon search optimization criteria. We compile a list of all relevant keywords ideal for your product to show up on the top of Amazon search results. Our in-depth keyword research expertise attracts more buyers seeing your goods, clicking on them, and eventually buying them. We are simply well-versed with a thorough understanding of Amazon's algorithm, keyword trends, and product listing language.

Why should authors choose us?

We began offering this service in 2013, and since then, we have formatted thousands of books at a cost that is affordable for our consumers. We offer reasonable formatting, design, and review of your books under Amazon's guidelines, as well as endless revisions to ensure that Amazon quickly accepts your book.

Image optimization

We deem images to be one of the most crucial elements of effective Amazon product optimization. So, through this particular area of service, we aid in providing a better user experience and meeting Amazon shoppers' visual expectations using unique optimized image optimization techniques. Our image optimization services will aid in the ranking of your product images in Google image searches, as well as improve the general SEO of your Amazon store.

360 Marketing

Our 360 marketing services are based on a full-fledged creative campaign idea that spans all aspects of the company's marketing mix, with the goal of implementing strategic branding plans. This includes a lengthy range of Amazon marketing services including Amazon sponsored ads, website development, website SEO, social media organic posting, social media sponsored ad setup and management, Google Adwords, and so on.

Enhanced Brand Content

Our Enhanced Brand Content services help you stand out in even the most competitive categories by providing Amazon visitors an impressive window into who you are and what your product is all about. Our Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Service can help you improve your listings through engaging, creative, and high converting content. We take care of both on-the-page and off-the-page content excellence criteria to ensure an attacking EBC plan.

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Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing services make the most of social media networking to market your Amazon business. This is where we interact closely with your existing consumers and reach out to new ones while also promoting your intended culture, mission, and tone. Whatever the social media platform is, Amazonlistinghub will have an expert plan ready for your brand to strengthen your presence there.

Author Marketing

We understand the disappointment of not getting the praise you expected after the release of your book. However, using our practical marketing plans, you can still reach your expectations! It's never too late to advertise your author self with our proven helpful author marketing tactics. We employ exceptional marketing strategies to get you noticed as an author. Our author marketing services are specially reserved for indie writers to enrich their profiles with credibility, positive fame, and lovely reviews.

Amazon Pricing Wars

With shooting competition every day and sellers raising or decreasing their prices to attract the most sales, we totally comprehend how confusing it can be for deciding the pricing strategy for the product to list on Amazon. Our specialists are the best in this game, exploring and studying the relevant markets for you to offer a price that is not so cheap that customers would not trust the product quality neither so high that customers will be discouraged by.

Disclaimer: AMZ Listing Hub is a independent platform, committed to assisting self-reliant authors with ethical book publishing and marketing solutions. We operate in accordance with US Federal and State Laws and are not affiliated with Amazon.com